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Kidz Kamp


Camp is for kids who have just completed 3rd - 6th grades and is hosted by Riverbend Retreat Center in Glenrose, TX.

This year's Kidz Kamp is Sunday, July 28 - Thursday, August 1 and the total cost is $300.

Sign up to reserve your spot and and start making payments.

Some partial scholarships are available.


  • When are we leaving? We will meet @ TFF Crowley Campus at 3:00pm on Sunday, July 28th and load the bus at 3:30.

  • How are we getting there? We are taking a bus together to Riverbend.

  • Where is the camp located? Riverbend Retreat Center 1232 County Rd 411 B Glen Rose, Tx

  • When will we return? We will arrive back at the church approx. 11am on Thursday, August 1st. Please arrange for your child to be picked up at the TFF Crowley Campus. Your child will be able to call you when they arrive and possibly when we are on our way home.

  • Should I label my child’s items? Yes. If you can label it…. do It! Put their name on everything that you want to return home.

  • What should I do with my child’s medication? When you arrive for drop off on Sunday, we will have Ziploc bags and labels for each medication. We will keep these separate and deliver them straight to the Camp nurse when we arrive. The camp nurse is the only person allowed to dispense medicine. Please keep all original packaging included, from inhalers and EpiPen’s also. We must have the original bottles/boxes.

  • Will my child need spending money? There will be snacks and different souvenirs available. The best way to prepare your child spending money is to divide it up between the days and labeling an envelope for each day of the week. Also feel free to add an encouraging note from home inside. (please, nothing about how you wish they were home)

  • Will I hear from my child? Most likely No! They will be having so much fun that they will not even want to take time to call BUT, in the event, that your child needs to speak with you, we will have a phone available for him/her to use.

  • What if I need to get a hold of you?

    • Jenny Hedrick – 918-344-2722

    • David Hedrick – 817-296-0567

  • Can we visit our child at camp? The camp is very strict on their security, all guest must be preregistered and pay an $8 entry fee per person.

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