Day 5

 Ephesians 4 15-16

Hebrews 10:24-25

Connecting – Understanding the importance of community


God did not design you to live alone. We are all created for community. We are stronger when we are living with others and not trying to do life alone. This is especially true as a new believer. You need other believers around you to encourage, teach, pray and worship with you. Your decision to follow Jesus is an awesome event in your life. Think about who you know that is a follower of Jesus and share this with them. Ask if you could talk with them more about their faith journey.


Ephesians 4:15-16 shows us that with God being the head of the church, we are then the body. Just like your body, each part serves a specific purpose in allowing you to function the way you were created. Whenever one of those parts doesn’t work properly the rest of the body is affected. With that, you should realize you are a vital piece of the body of Christ and should use the gifts God has given you to serve the rest of the body.


Hebrews teaches us that our goal as the church and community is to meet together and encourage one another. Can you be a believer of Christ on your own at home? Yes, of course. But you will not be living the full life God has planned for you if you do not share your time with others. The church has the ability to be a support for you and all you are going to, you just have to make the decision to apply yourself.