Day 4

 Matthew 11:15

Romans 10:17

Listening – Hearing what God has to say


Everyone that has ever prayed to God has wanted a clear answer to some request or question. Often those answers are not what we expect or when we expect them. The key to finding and understanding those answers is making time to listen to God. We have to be very intentional when we listen, so we actually hear what God is saying. The Bible talks about how Jesus found time away from everyone else just to be with God. 

Spiritual quiet time usually includes prayer and reading the Bible. That means finding a quiet place where you can settle your heart. It means turning off all the things that compete for your attention. When we focus solely on connecting with God and hearing what He wants to share is when we receive direction, hope and answers.


As you listen to the Lord you will find these answers that you have been searching for. It is important to note that not every answer you are looking for is the one you will receive and when that comes we have to realize that God always has our best intention in mind. Also, notice that every place in the bible we see mention of listening to God, it is with great intentionality. You can’t rush it.


Matthew 11:15 mentions it simply that if you have ears, to listen. Listening is one of the best forms of communication. In Romans 10:17, we see that you gain more and more faith by hearing and listening. A lot of people have a problem with the idea of God because they can’t see Him. The issue with that is they miss the most important way to recognize he is there, and that is through faith.