Bible Reading Plan

This 33-day reading plan explores the five commitments you will learn during this series. Each day this reading plan will give you a passage of scripture to read together, something to pray about together, something to discuss with each other, and an activity for you to do together. You can access this plan on your mobile device by using the YouVersion app and searching under devotional reading plans.

Dr.Kim’s I Want an Awesome Marriage 30-Day Bible Experiment for Couples.

Taking your marriage to a whole new level, The 30 Day Experiment will walk you through scripture that will challenge you and help you to love each other better. Research tells us that couples who regularly read the Bible together and couples who regularly pray together have a dramatically lower divorce rate than couples who do not. This 30 day plan is an easy way to get started on both these practices that can make your marriage thrive. 

Each day for 30 days you will have a Scripture verse to read together. Dr. Kim will give you his thoughts on the verse and then you have the opportunity to share your thoughts. There is then a question for you to discuss and the opportunity for you to plan your “Next Steps” together to help your marriage as a result of that day’s teaching. Finally there is a suggested topic for you to pray about.