Week of 12/13/2015 - Arthur Christmas


Jesus left heaven came to earth as a baby died on a cross and rose from the grave to reestablish the relationship God always wanted to have with us.  In his own words he came “to seek (search out) and to save (find and restore) those who are lost (separated from the personal relationship God longs for with you). One of our core values is Found people find people! Once you have experienced the grace of God, his love compels us to join him in his mission of seeking the lost  

Compels us seek and invest in others who need to know his grace love and salvation.   

Luke 15:1-7


Found people find people. We must continue to search because everyone matters and none should perish. This time of the year provides us with a great opportunity to invest and invite in others. Two times a year people look to go to church Easter and Christmas. Why not invest in those around you and invite them to the fountains .   


  1. How Did He Do it? God is capable and every person is important enough for him to take care of our needs.  

Luke 15 1-2 - Then all the tax collectors and the sinners drew near to Him to hear Him.  And the Pharisees and scribes complained, saying, “This Man receives sinners and eats with them.”  

In chapter 14 of Luke Jesus had just eaten with the Pharisees, as he went out among the people the sinner came to him. The religious leaders were puzzled by the fact that he would hang out with such people. Their religion said that this was wrong. Their religion said that that this would make them unclean. Their religion said don’t care about others care about yourself. Their religion was wrong and Jesus was going to try to help them understand. Jesus knew what they didn’t, that is wherever he ate he would be with sinners.  

  1. A Message in the Madness 

Luke 15:3 -4 Then Jesus told them this parable: “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. 

Christmas has had to become an elaborate event of calculated efforts just to survive. Many of you have developed a strategy for black Friday before the Turkey has settled in your tummy.  We calculate and coordinate our calendars to make sure we that we make all the expected rounds and pay homage to all the right people be it grand parents, parents, in-laws and outlaw better known as exes.  We make list and check them twice just to make sure that we have everyone covered and no one is missed. It’s easy in the mayhem of the machine of Christmas to lose the heart of what Christmas is just as the Pharisees missed the purpose of Jesus coming. The Pharisees in their desire to live their religion has missed the heart of the God they served. In their flawed theology they had missed the fact that all people matter to God. Jesus tell them a parable to help recapture their hearts of the relationship of their religion.  

Steve Clause begins to make excuses “its just glitch”. Redefine success: We just missed one according to statistics we had “the most outstanding Christmas yet”. He makes excuses for complacency “It Can’t be done!” Reason why to often we can’t see the importance of the one is to often religion makes excuses to rationalize away the one. “We can reach everybody?” We still have 99 sheep…. look at our success (as we define it…) I am okay Your okay! That’s how the Pharisees saw it anyway.   

  1. It’s just One! Which one doesn’t matter in your world? 

Luke 15:4-7 -  “Suppose one of you has a hundred sheep and loses one of them. Doesn’t he leave the ninety-nine in the open country and go after the lost sheep until he finds it? And when he finds it, he joyfully puts it on his shoulders and goes home. Then he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; I have found my lost sheep.’  I tell you that in the same way there will be more rejoicing in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine righteous persons who do not need to repent. 

 Which one doesn’t matter? Obviously to the Pharisees “those sinner” didn’t matter. When it come to reaching people for Jesus which one’s matter? When they are just numbers, nameless faces it easy it easy to discount their value Never forget numbers are people and people do matter  

My family and friends are good those other people they are sinner and they shouldn’t have gotten lost… they made bad choices and they deserve what they get. What about when that one in not so nameless or faceless. When it is your child or teenager who has wondered away  When it is your husband or wife or friend. Does that matter?  

Aren’t you in charge?  Remember Found People find people! We are the great commission Matthew 28:19-20. We are all called to go and we must accept the responsibility to go into our world. If the one doesn’t matter why is Author and Grand Santa gone to take it? God still seeking. We are still called to seek. Steve Clause Asks Question 3 Who cares about one single child? (We are a Hell No Church) Why do lost people need to be found? The 99 are are secure in the shepherd’s care and they have each other. The lost one is alone in danger Lost people are in real danger of a real hell and need to be sought after Lost people are not nameless faces and numbers they are people created in the image of God who Jesus left heaven to come and serve and save. They are our brothers and sisters and friends and neighbor our coworkers our parents. They matter so much because God loves them and if we have the heart of God and are not bogged down in our own selfish isolated religion we will see others as God sees them in need of a savior.   

  1. We must Keep going! Everyone matters! 

Found people find people. We must continue to search because everyone matters and none should perish. This time of the year provides us with a great opportunity to invest and invite in others. Two times a year people look to go to church Easter and Christmas. Why not invest in those around you and invite them here. Next Sunday Don will present a great gospel message based on the movie it’s a wonderful life.  Go out into the wilderness of your world and seek those around you. Its never to late!  


In the business of the holiday we sometimes miss a great opportunity to invest and invite our friends, family and co-workers. This time of year people are more open and responsive to an invite to church. Help you group to understand the opportunity they have and make the most of it by reaching those around them and inviting them to hear the gospel at The Fountains.  

Session 2: Arthur Christmas   


Use the questions provided in each session to facilitate your group’s discussion and application of each topic.   


  • What is the coolest, most bizarre or most valuable object you have ever found? Did you return it to the person who lost it?  

  • Have you ever a special object (jewelry, pocket knife, rare coin) that you lost? Did someone else find it and return it to you?  

  • One of our core values is “Found people Find People!” what does that mean to you?   


Read Luke 15:1-2 
  • When we see others less fortunate than us, perhaps because they dressed in old clothes or are beside the road with a sign begging for food, how easy is it for us to think less of them?  

  • What about people who maybe we know of who have a criminal record or have been accused of something, is it easy to make ourselves out to be better than they are? Do you fins yourself making such judgmentsconsciously or subconsciously?  

  • Do you sometimes make such judgments about yourself when you think about how God cares for you? You don’t think you’re worthy or maybe you think you’re to insignificant for God to care?  

  • Do you ever find yourself not bothering God with your situation or trying to take care of things on your own because of this wrong thinking?  

  • Where could Jesus have gone and not been with sinners?  

  • Is God capable of taking care of every person needs?   

Key Point 1 How did He do it? God is capable and every person is important enough for him to take care of our needs.  

Read Luke 15:3  
  • Do you ever find yourself making excuses for not investing into the lives of others and inviting them into a relationship with Christ? What are some excuses you have heard?  

  • The Pharisees had allowed their religion to confuse the truth of God’s concern for people. In this holiday season how easy is it get caught up in the madness of the season and forget the true message of Christmas?  

  • What is the true message of Christmas? No cheesy church answers. 

Key Point 2 A Message in the Madness. We must not allow the message of this holiday season be diluted by the business of it.  

Read Luke 15:4-7  
  • It was obvious to the Pharisees that “those sinners” didn’t matter. When it comes to people in your world which one doesn’t matter? What about that lazy co-worker that steal all the glory for himself and make s you do all the work? What about that that mother, who has had five kids and looks and dresses like a super model and makes sure she is always the center of attention? Do these people matter? What about that family member who has hurt you and wronged you to the point where you hate to see them, do they matter?  

  • Why should we as a church care about numbers? (Numbers are people and people matter to God)   

Read Matthew 28:19-20  
  • The One of the movie Clip of Arthurs Christmas an Elf asked Santa “Aren’t you in charge?”  

  • Are we in charge when it comes to reaching the lost? If not us then who?  

  • Why was the one lost sheep important enough to the shepherd to leave the 99 behind?  

  • Are lost people in danger?   

KEY POINT 3: It’s just one. Which one doesn’t matter in your world?  

  • Is there someone in your “world” that perhaps you have been over looking?  

  • Have you ever thought about the fact that during this time of the year people are more open to be invited to church? Do you make it a priority to take advantage of the opportunity?  

KEY POINT 4: We must keep going! Everyone matters!?   


Help your Group identify and take their next steps with Jesus. Pray with them and for them. Ask them about their next steps later this week.

  • Since people matter to God do they matter to you? Is your Next Step to look at others in God’s perspective?  

  • Is there someone God is laying on your heart to invite this next Sunday to hear the Gospel? Maybe they are all around you are you looking? Your next Step maybe to invest and invite this week in at least one person and bring them or meet them at church this Sunday.