Week of 11/20/2016


Session 3 HAVE FUN

Getting Started

* How many of you used the “3 Blessing and 3 way You Could be a Blessing” exercises Suggested last week?

* What are the 5 commitments we are making to invest in our marriage?

  1. Seek God
  2. Fight Fair
  3. Have Fun
  4. Stay Pure
  5. Never Give Up

Dig Deeper

Read Ecclesiastes 9:9

* How do we sometimes look at our spouse as a participation ribbon rather than a reward from God?

Read Song of Solomon 7:1-4

* What did Pastor define as Face to Face fun?

* Ladies, would you say Solomon is being romantic with his description of his love?

* Pastor said “Men like headlines and women like details? Do you agree or disagree and why?

* How do date nights create Face to Face time and how does or would it impact your marriage?

* What can you do as a couple to make Date Nights more of a priority?

* How does lack of Face to Face Fun adversely affect the marriage for women?

Read Song of Solomon 7:11

* What did Pastor define as Side to Side fun?

* What is your spouse’s favorite activity, besides Bellybutton to Bellybutton fun?

* What is an activity your spouse enjoys but you do not? Have you ever done that activity just to benefit them?

* If women enjoy Face to Face Time, how did the sermon say you can get more by Side to side time?

Read Song of Solomon 7:11-12

* Do we need to define Bellybutton to Bellybutton fun?

* What is Solomon’s lover suggesting in this passage?

* Ladies, try to come up with one phrase that a man cannot make sexual.

* What are some areas that Men could work on to make their approach better? Romance, conversation, massage

* Why do you think it is important to men for women to make an approach?

* How do kids inhibit bellybutton to bellybutton time?

* How does lack of Bellybutton to Bellybutton Fun adversely affect the marriage for men?

* Sex is spiritual before anything else as two become one and minister to one another.

* How do the first 2 types of fun build on a couple’s sex life?

* If God is the One and our spouse is the two do our priorities in our day to day life reflect that in the way we have fun together?

Next Step

* Perhaps you have allowed life to become too busy and your spouse has become more of a participation ribbon then a reward. Your Next Step is to correct your priorities and enjoy the reward God has given you

in your spouse. His can happen by spending quality time talking face to face and by doing meaningful activities together.

* Perhaps your bellybutton to bellybutton fun is non-existent. If there are no health issues, Your Next Step maybe to work on your approach or get an approach and allow your action to motivate your feelings.