Week of 3/27/2016

Kiss Your ______________ Goodbye

In this week’s sermon we discovered the only real hope we have for freedom is the resurrection of Christ.


John 16:33
Matthew 12:40
John 2:19
Matthew 28:6
Romans 10:9
John 11:25-26


·      How many of you have ever participated in a nuclear bomb drill in elementary school?

·      Recalling the video of Zach and his family, what did you think was going to happen?

·      What reaction would have had if you had been your spouse in Zach’s position? What insight did you gain from the video?

·      What are some “textbook solutions” that people depend on?

Read Matthew 12:40 & John 2:19

·      If you were a follower of Jesus during the crucifixion, what would you be thinking? What do you believe would be some of the questions that would run through your mind and why?

·      Do we sometimes have the same questions when we are going through struggles?

Key Point 1. All the world can offer is textbook temporary solutions.

Read Matthew 28:6

·      If God seems silent in your struggle, does it mean that he has forgotten you?

·      Have you ever had a painful, or sorrowful situation where after time you saw God working on you behalf when you thought he had gone silent?   

·      Why does the resurrection of Jesus matter?

Key Point 2: The Easter story doesn’t end at the crucifixion it actually begins with the resurrection of Christ

Read John 16:33 & John 11:25-26

·      How does the resurrection allow us to walk through our pain, even when our situation doesn’t turn out like we wanted?

·      How can we be sure our best days are ahead and not behind us?

Key Point 3: The resurrection means that we can walk through those problems knowing who God is on the other side.


 ·      Your first Step is to sure that you have began a relationship with God through Christ. If you haven’t asked Christ to become your personal Savior, forgive your sins and be Lord of your life that is your Next Step.

·      Do you rely jobs, relationship, finances or feelings to secure your joy and protect you? Your next step is to remember that Temporary textbook solutions are not going to sustain you when the atom bomb or f5 struggle of life hits. Only Jesus can Pain and use it for progress, take sorrow and turn it to joy, take mourning and turn it to dancing and take our hopeless situation and bring hope to it.

·      Are you feeling anxious about your current situation? Does it feel that God is ignoring you and has gone silent when you need him most?  Your Next Step is to embrace the freedom of the resurrection knowing God is up to something and you can trust him even when you don’t see it.


Take time to discuss with your Life Group the struggle some of you are facing. Pray that God will continue to remind us and too give each of us peace knowing that God is working for his purpose and rejoice that we have hope in our resurrected savior.