Week of 4/10/2016

Series How to Survive the End of the World 

Part 2: Which One?

In this week’s sermon, we discovered the only real hope we have for freedom is the resurrection of Christ.  


  • 1 Corinthians 3:10-15
  • Romans 8:1
  • James 4:17
  • Revelation 20:11-12
  • Revelation 10:13-15
  • Matthew 7:13-14
  • Matthew 7:21-23
  • Romans 10:9 


Some people “refuse” to believe in God, because they “reject” the idea of being accountable to a Supreme Being.

Many others believe that as long as their "good" out weighs their "bad," God will allow them to enter Heaven.

The Bible tells us that there are in fact two main judgments, and everyone of us are going to appear at one or the other.   

  • A Judgment for Christians-Christ followers 

  • A Judgment for Non-Christians or the Unsaved.  

Two separate judgments.   


Get Started

  • What do you think heaven will look like on the day of Judgment?    

The Judgment seat of Christ   

Read 1 Corinthians 3:10-15 
  • What will we be judge on according to these passages?  

  • If our works don’t pass judgment, does this mean we lose our salvation?  

Read Romans 8:1 
  • Why is this verse so key to understanding how believers will be judged? 

  • Since we won't be judged on our sin, what will we be judged on?  

  • Why are our motives for doing what is right so important?  

  • What are some wrong motives do do the right things? 

  • Do you ever examine your motives for doing what you do? 

  • What is stewardship? What are we as believers called to steward? (Time, Treasures, and Talents)  

Read James 4:17  
  • What is this verse saying? How does this verse apply to everyday life?  

  • When you stand before the Lord and He says , “Did you serve me in the local church?” How will you respond?

  • How did Pastor Don suggest we discover our gifts?   

The Great White Throne of Judgment

Read Revelations 2o:11-15 
  • How will those who do not know Christ be judged? 

Read Matthew 7:13-14 
  • Pastor Don said that only 1/2 of 1% of Americans believe that they are going to hell.

  • What are the 4 types of people that Pastor Don said would be at the White Throne of judgment? (procrastinator, coward, prideful, church member)

Read Matthew 7:21-23 
  • Why do a lot of people believe they will go to heaven?   

Read Romans 10:9 
  • What is absolutely necessary to go to heaven?  


  • Your First Step is to be sure that you have a relationship with God through Christ. If you haven’t asked Christ to become your personal Savior, forgive your sins, and become Lord of your life, that is your Next Step.  

  • What motivates you? Your Next Step may need to change your motives and begin to live a life of stewardship making God the center of all our motives. 


Take time to discuss with your Life Group the struggle some of you are facing. Pray that God will continue to remind us and too give each of us peace knowing that God is working for His purpose and we can join Him as the hour of His second coming approaches.