Week of 4/24/2016

How to Survive the End of the World 

Sermon 4: Good News Bad News    

In this week’s sermon we discovered hell is real, the bad news but so is heaven, the good news.   


Luke 16:14-15 & 19-31
Revelation 21:1-4 & 22-27
Ezekiel 33:11
2 Peter 3:9  


This is the last discussion on the Series How to Survive the End of the World. Survival is not just this life but eternity. What you do before you die, determine where you will spend eternity. The bible is very specific as to the outcome of the choice we make to receive Jesus gift of salvation or not. Heaven for those who choose Jesus, the good news and hell for those who don’t the bad news. Politically correct or not Jesus himself said hell was real and he has done everything possible to keep anyone from going there.  

Get Started 

  • Why is heaven so easy to talk about?  

  • Why is hell a subject most people and churches tend to avoid talking about?  

 What you do before you die, determines where you go when you die.  

Read Luke 16:14-16 
  • According to this passage what is the problem(s) Jesus is pointing out to the religious leaders? (Love of money and wealth as a sign of who good one is)  

The Bad News

Read Read Luke 16:24 
  • Have you ever had a medical procedure where you were only allowed to eat ice chips instead of drinking and eating? How did it make you feel?  

  • How much water can a person hold on the end of their finger? Would it provide any relief?  

  • Why did the rich man beg God to send Lazarus?  What was his source of torment?   

In Hell there is no relief

Read Luke 16:25  
  • Why did he call the rich man Son? (Term of Compassion) 

  • Is this passage suggesting that the more you suffer in this life the better you will be in heaven?  

  • Remember Jesus said it was about the heart. Where was the rich man heart when it came to possessions and riches?  

  • IF God leaves a place –All good leaves with him.   

Read Luke 16:26 
  • What does this passage say about the possibility of getting out of Hell?  

  • Some religions speak of another place between heaven and hell. According to this passage how accurate is that?  

Hell is a Place of No Escape and no Hope for Salvation   

The Good News  

Read Revelation 21: 1-4,22-27 
  • What are the contrast between Hell and Heaven? Be specific.  

Read Ezekiel 33:11, 1 Peter 3:9  
  • What do these verse tell us about God’s desire for all Human kind? 


  • Do you know where you spend eternity? Your first Step is to be sure that you have begun a relationship with God through Christ. If you haven’t asked Christ to become your personal Savior, forgive your sins and be Lord of your life that is your Next Step.  

  • If we really believe Hell is real, Are you Investing in relationship with other and inviting them in to a relationship with Jesus Christ? If Not your Next Step is to ask God to open your eyes to those who he has for you to invest in and the wisdom to share your story and offer them the hope you have by inviting them into a relationship with God through Christ.   


Take time to discuss with your Life Group the struggle some of you are facing. Pray that God will continue to remind us and too give each of us peace knowing that God is working for his purpose and we can join Him as the hour of his second coming approaches.