Week of 4/03/2016

Series How to Survive the End of the World

Sermon 1 : Pack Your Bags

In this week’s sermon, we discovered the only real hope we have for freedom is the resurrection of Christ.


  • Matthew 24:32-33 & 36
  • Matthew 24:1-7 & 9,
  • Matthew 24:23-25
  • John 14:6
  • Acts 4:11-12
  • Matthew 24:12-013

INTRO: Pack Your Bags   

·      Have you ever been to or been made to sit through one of those study of revelations where they use charts and scary pictures of dragons to try to explain revelations? What was your reaction? Would you do it again?  

Read Matthew 24:32-33 & 36

·      In these three verse what is Jesus telling us about His second coming? What are we to learn from the fig tree?  

Key Point 1: When it comes to the second coming of Christ No One Knows!

Read Matthew 24:1-3  

·      What are the two questions the disciples asked?  

·      Why do you think Jesus didn’t answer the question about the Temple?

Read Matthew 24:4

·      Deception is nothing new it has been around since Genesis chapter 3. Who is Jesus talking to in this passage?

·      So if Jesus is talking to the church, who will be deceived as the end approaches?

Read Matthew 24:5 and Matthew 24:23-25 

·      Pastor Don explained the deception in the church today as tolerance. What is your definition of tolerance?

·      What are the dangers of tolerance?

·      Can you not tolerate someone and still show them the love and grace of Christ? How?

Read John 14:6 & Acts 4:11-12

·      How can we as Christians claim to be the only true religion?

Key Point 2. The First sign of Jesus return is Deception in the church, also known as tolerance.

Read Matthew 24:6-7  

·      Some of us grew up in a time in were The Us was not involved in a war of foreign soil. What is the first war you can remember in your life time that the US was involved in?

·      How is that different form today?

·      Pastor Don explained how the word Kingdom is the word Ethos that where we get our word ethnic. Are racial tensions around the world worse? How about racial tension in the US?

·      Is this a new trend or has racial tension been an issue for some time?

·      Together try and define the word famine. Have any of you ever experienced a real famine?

·      What is most people’s familiarity with famine?

·      In 1980’s there was approximately 120 natural disasters per year. Today there is around 500. 

Read Matthew 24:8

·      In this verse, what is Jesus telling us about these signs?

Read Matthew 24:9

·      How are Christians being persecuted around the world? Are Christians being persecuted in the United States?

Read Matthew 24:12-13

·      What does Jesus say will be the cause of love growing cold? How does “love growing cold” show its self in todays society?

·      The statement in verse 13 gives hop to believers in what way? Does it mean that Christians wont suffer or be persecuted?

Read Matthew 24:14 

·      Twelve disciples who had not traveled more than 75 miles from their home heard Jesus say this. How has the gospel spread and how does it continue to spread throughout the whole world?

Read Matthew 24:1-3

·      According to history was the temple destroyed and every stone separated from the temple?

In 66AD, the Jewish nation revolted and Rome. Nero sent Vespasian to place the city under siege.

After 3 ½ years over 600k people had died. In 70AD against orders of Caesar and Vespasian the army set fire to the Temple and it was destroyed. The gold throughput the temple melted and seeped in-between the mortar of the bricks.   The Romans soldiers took crowbar like devices and literally moved ever stone off the other to steal the gold.

·      If the temple was really destroyed as Jesus said can we believe these other signs to be true as well?


If Jesus said is would to happen, it will happen.   

·      How does knowing these thing affect the way we live our lives?


·      Your first Step is to sure that you are ready for Jesus to return by have began a relationship with God. If you haven’t asked Christ to become your personal Savior, forgive your sins and be Lord of your life that is your Next Step.

·      Do you know what you believe and have a clear understanding of your faith in Christ? If not, your Next Step is to attend the Foundations Class to fully understand the relationship God wants with you and for you.   

·      Are you living your life in a bubble? Is your work or family and the everyday grind of life consuming your time? Your next Step is to realize your purpose in God’s kingdom and begin to invest in relationships with others and invite them into a relationship with Christ.


Take time to discuss with your Life Group the struggle some of you are facing. Pray that God will continue to remind us and too give each of us peace knowing that God is working for his purpose and we can join Him as the hour of his second coming approaches.