Week of 5/22/2016

See Orange Session 3 Partnering with Parents with Time  

Life Group Weekly Sessions:  


If we can hold to the belief that every child is created in the image of God and follow the rule that love for God and others motivates kids to have an authentic relationship with God and others.  


Proverbs 90:12, Ephesians 5:16, Matthew 10:34-35 & 37-38, Deuteronomy 6:5-9  

GOAL FOR THIS SESSION: Time is fleeting. As parents and the church we must make the most of the time we have to combined our influence to helps our kids have a healthy relationship with God.   

REFRESH: If need be the video of the sermon is available on line to watch.  


Remember these discussion questions are a guide for you. Follow up questions or other insights may be needed by you according to your group’s needs.  

Get Started  

  • How are kids treated differently today verses when you were a kid?  

Read Proverbs 90:12 & Ephesians 5:16 

  • Given the example of the ping pong balls, are you shocked at the small amount of time the church has to influence children with the truth of God’s word?  

  • Pastor Don stated that “every parent is on a journey from control to influence”.  As parents of kids have you ever realized the transition of parenting your kids through the stage of their childhood from control to influence?  

  • What do you think that transition like look in real life when you lose control and move to influence?   

Key Point: Every year as you lose control you are replacing it with influence.  

  • Pastor Don spoke of 3 influences on our parenting styles.  

  • What is the pit fall of parenting out of the desire for our kid’s happiness?  (Love and safety trump happiness. We can control our kid’s happiness)  

  • What is the pitfall of parenting out of the desire for our kid’s to be comfortable? (Character trumps comfort.) 

  • Is it even possible to shield our kids from pain and conflict as they grow? 

  • What is the pitfall of parenting out of the desire for our kid’s to be companions? (Relationship trumps companionship.  

  • Parents are called to provide for, love, disciple not be the best best friend. Does that mean we can have a healthy relationship with them?   

Key Point: We must realize that our motive for parenting must be using our influence to disciple them in a way that leads them to a healthy relationship with God.   

Matthew 10:34-38 

  • What relationship is Jesus saying is most important for any child?  

  • How does making our relationship with Jesus the highest priority impact all our other relationships?  

Read Deuteronomy 6:5-9  

  • How do we leverage our family time with our kids to help them understand the love the Lord has for them?  

  • Why should we share the story of God working in our own lives with our children?  

Key Point Parents are the primary voice with the most hours, most influence in our kids’ lives.  


If you have never began a relationship with Christ, your first step is to ask God to forgive your sin and receive the gift of salvation given to us by Jesus death on the cross and his resurrection.  

Are you managing your time in a way that you can influence your child? If not your Next Step is to ask God to help you steward your time to maximize your influence in your child’s life.  

IF you are struggling with your child as a parent your Next Step maybe to ask if you are trying to control your child’s life or influence your child to grow in their relationship with God.  

What is your motive for parenting? If you have discovered that your motives are misguided your Next Step is to change your motives for the betterment of your child and be the parent God has called you to be and your child needs, you to be. 

Are you helping your child to make their relationship with Jesus the number one priority in your child’s life? If not your Next Step needs to be to realize and understand that one day you will not be able to be there with them and they will need to have a healthy relationship with Jesus to guide their decisions and life.   


Remember to pray for the family and church leaders as we combine to impact the next generation.