Week of 6/12/2016

Love Revolution, Part 2: It’s Not About Me    

Series Overview  

Jesus was a revolutionary. His message to us was far more world-changing than a cell phone, GPS or any other invention. “Love God and Love Others” was the most important commandment He ever gave. But what does that really look like and how can we do that? In this series, we will dive into what it really looks like to live a love revolution. 

Session 2: It’s Not About Me    


Most of us have been madly in love with someone as long as we can remember. But that someone is not our boyfriend, girlfriend or spouse—it's ourselves! In this message, Perry talks about one phrase that, if we take it to heart, completely changes everything: It's not about me. 


Matthew 22:36-40, Genesis 37:5-9, Genesis 42:6, Matthew 20:25-28



  1. You are way too small of a thing for you to dedicate your life to!  

  2. Sometimes God puts us in a pit not to punish us but to protect us. 

  3. Victims never walk in victory. 

  4. Saved people serve people.   

Session 2: It’s Not About You  


Remember these discussion questions are a guide for you. Follow up questions or other insights may be needed by you according to your group’s needs.  


 Ask: What is your biggest pet peeve? Why?   

Read Matthew 22:36-40

How much of our thoughts, habits and plans are centered around what is best for us?  

Jesus said “love your neighbor as you love yourself”. If we spent as much time and effort on others as we do on ourselves how would it change our world?   

Read Genesis 37:5-9

What do you think was Josephs motive in sharing his dreams with his brothers? 

If you were Josephs older brother or sister what would your reaction have been to Josephs revelation? 

How many of our goals and dreams are centered on benefiting others?  

How do our goals and dreams line up with the truth of loving our neighbors as ourselves?   

Key Point 1: You are way too small of a thing for you to dedicate your life to!  

Pastor Sam gave us a summary of Genesis 37.  

When Joseph was sold what was his new role that would last about 15 years? (Servant)  

What truth about leadership was God trying to help Joseph to learn in the pit, the palace and the prison?  

Key Point 2: Sometimes God puts us in a pit not to punish us but to protect us. 

While Joseph was serving in the palace and the prison does he complain?  

Do you think he still believed in the dream he had early at his father’s house?   

What excuses could Joseph have used to give up and forget about his dream and play the victim?  

Do we sometimes blame others for killing our dreams and play the victim?  

Key Point 3: Victims never walk in Victory   

Read Genesis 42:6  

Ultimately Josephs life became much more than being about him and the dream God had given him did become true.  This happened because Joseph realized only through humility and servanthood could he fulfill the purpose God had for him.  

How would humility and servanthood benefit your marriage? Finances? Career? Your relationship with God?  

Key Point 4: Saved People Serve People    


If you have never began a relationship with Christ, your first step is to ask God to forgive your sin and receive the gift of salvation given to us by Jesus death on the cross and his resurrection.  

Are your Dreams and goals self-benefiting or others benefiting? If they are all about you then your Next Step is ask God for bigger dream. The real impact of our lives will be the impact we made for others.  

Are you currently letting your circumstances dictate your attitude? Your Next Step maybe to stop being a victim and embrace the purpose of serving others God has for you. Once you focus on others your problems will grow smaller.  

Are you currently serving in the body of Christ? If you’re not your Next Step is to find a place to serve on the weekends. If you are too busy to serve you are too busy and missing the blessing God has for your life.  


Pray for that each of us will have the love for others and serving others as we do for ourselves. Pray that humility will be the Jesus characteristic we show most to those around us.