Week of 6/26/2016

Love Revolution Session 4: Pursued     

Series Overview  

Jesus was a revolutionary. His message to us was far more world-changing than a cell phone, GPS or any other invention. “Love God and Love Others” was the most important commandment He ever gave. But what does that really look like and how can we do that? In this series, we will dive into what it really looks like to live a love revolution. 

Session 4: Pursued   


Christian faith isn't about following rules and regulations; it's about being in a relationship with Jesus! We don't need to run from God or for God, we need to run to God. 


Hosea 1:2-3, Romans 3:23, Romans 6:23, Hosea 3:1  


Say Yes to a relationship with God. 

Move from good to grace in your life.  

Session 4: Pursued 


Remember these discussion questions are a guide for you. Follow up questions or other insights may be needed by you according to your group’s needs.   


What is your favorite Disney movie as a child?   

Most Disney shows are some type of love story. Snow White, Cinderella, Lady and the Tramp or Beauty and the Beast all are center on the plot of love winning in the end. “And they all live happily ever after”.   

How did these movies shape the perception of what relationship should be?   

Dig Deeper

What are some of the characteristics we look for in a spouse?   

Read Hosea 1:2

What was God’s purpose for Hosea to marry a promiscuous woman?  

How is the term “Happily ever after” not a true picture of any relationship?  

What makes real life relationship work?  

 Do real relationships work if we have to continually earn the love of the person we are in a relationship in?  

 How is following a religion about God differ from having a relationship with God?  

Key Point 1: Say Yes to a relationship with God. 

Read Romans 3:23 & Romans 6:23

We use these verse when we speak to unbelievers. How do they also apply to us in our relationship with God?  

Read Hosea 3:1-2  

Have you ever pawned anything? How does it make you feel to buy back something that was already yours?  

How is this a picture of our relationship with God? 

As believers, if we sin, does God have to buy us back?  

Read Romans 3:24  

How does grace cover our mistakes?   

How does having a relationship with God keep us from running from God or running too God instead of walking with God?  

Key Point 2: Move from good to grace in your life.  


If you have never began a relationship with Christ, your first step is to ask God to forgive your sin and receive the gift of salvation given to us by Jesus death on the cross and his resurrection.    

Are you walking in a healthy relationship with God?  

Are you running from God? Your Next Step is to stop and run to God because he has the plan and a purpose for your life that will bring you the joy and contentment you seek.   

 Are trying to gain his approval by running for him? Your Next Step is to realize what Jesus has done for you and understand that God already approves of you because of what Christ has done in you.  

Are you walking with Godin a relationship? Your Next Step is to enjoy the relationship and not take God’s grace for granted. You must continue to nurture and enjoy that special relationship only you and God have.   


Thank God that he has provided away for us to have a personal relationship with Him through Christ . Pray for those who are struggling in their relationship with God. Ask god to show them how he loves them and the grace you have made available to them. Pray for one another that you can enjoy the relationship you have with God.