Week of 6/5/2016

Love Revolution, Part 1: One Idea That Will Revolutionize My Life   

Series Overview  

Jesus was a revolutionary. His message to us was far more world-changing than a cell phone, GPS or any other invention. “Love God and Love Others” was the most important commandment He ever gave. But what does that really look like and how can we do that? In this series, we will dive into what it really looks like to live a love revolution. 

Session 1: ONE Idea the Will revolutionize My Life    

How to Use This Study  


No matter what circumstances you face today, God loves you, is always with you and has greater plans for you. Understanding that one idea will revolutionize your life.  


John 15:12-13 Genesis 37:3-24,28,  Romans 11:35, Genesis 39:3-4,6-7,9-12, 20-23, Genesis 41:39-44

GOAL FOR THIS SESSION: To understand that the heart of the family and the light of the church, when combined help the next generation grow into healthy followers of Christ once they graduate.   


  1. God loves me, is always with me and has greater plans for me! 

  2. Often God uses the pit to prepare us. 

  3. You think God is punishing you, perhaps he is pursuing you.  

Session 1: One Idea that will Revolutionize Your Life   

REFRESH: If need be the video of the sermon is available on line to watch.  


Remember these discussion questions are a guide for you. Follow up questions or other insights may be needed by you according to your group’s needs.  


Ask: What do you believe is the greatest love song ever written? You must sing your answer.  

Read John 15:12-13

How did Jesus demonstrate the principle of this verse?  

How Jesus sacrifice of himself on the cross prove God’s love for you?  

How does the reality of God’s great love for us give us hope in any circumstance?  

Key Point 1: God loves me, is always with me and has greater plans for me.  

Read Genesis 37:3-24

From this passage what was Josephs weakness that lead him to the pit? (He was Arrogant)  

Does this mean that everyone who is in a pit has themselves to blame?  

We have all been in a pit for one reason or another. While in the pit what are the different emotions we experience?  

How do those emotions play on our opinions and perceived value of ourselves? 

How can these opinions and values keep us locked in our pit?  

How do healthy relationships with other believers help us get out of our pit?    

How do those emotions play on our opinion(s) of God?   

Read Genesis 37:28 & Genesis 39:1-12

Now that Joseph had been sold was he out of the pit?   

How did God continue to work in his life as a slave to Potiphar?    

Key Point 2: Often God uses the pit to prepare us.  

How did Josephs blessing bring temptation?  

How easy would it have been for Joseph to settle in his struggle for the pleasure of the moment and what would have been the cost to his future?   

Read Genesis 39:20-23  

Finish this statement: No good deed goes ________________ .  

Why does it sometime seem like we are punished for doing the right thing?   

Remembering Joseph’s flaw do you think it is possible that he still need some work in this area?  

Read Genesis 41:39-44  

Was God punishing Joseph or pursuing him?  

Have you ever felt God was punishing you for something you did bad to explain your bad circumstances? How does God use hardship to prepare us?  

After the circumstance of your situation passed did you feel stronger in your relationship to God and his purpose for your life?   

No matter our circumstances, God love remains strong for us and His desire for us is the greater plan in His purpose.  


If you have never began a relationship with Christ your first step is to ask God to forgive your sin and receive the gift of salvation given to us by Jesus death on the cross and his resurrection.  

Are you currently in “the Pit”?  

  • Your Next Step is to focus on God’s love for you and not the circumstances. Circumstances change often God’s love never does.  

  • Your Next Step may be to evaluate if there is something God is working on within you to make you more in tune with his purpose. I often pray when circumstances are rough that God will make me a quick learner and show me what he is teaching me.  


Remember to pray for the family and church leaders as we combine to impact the next generation.