Week of 8/21/2016

I Love the 90’s Lesson 2 - The Process of Progress

Get Started

Everyone loves progress. No one sets goals to go backwards in life.

• What is one thing most people want to make progress in? Discuss

Read Luke 5:1-5.

The key to making progress is to say to Jesus, “Because You say so, I will.”

* Have you been working at something for a long time but you haven’t made any progress?

* What is the most recent step God asked you to take? Did you take it? Why or why not?

Read Matthew 26:69-70. When Peter denied knowing Jesus, his spiritual progress stopped.

* When was one time you denied knowing Jesus because of what others would think of you?

* When was a time you were bold about knowing Jesus regardless of what others thought?

Read John 21:2-7

At one point, Peter wanted to give up and go back to his old life before Jesus.

* What’s one thing from your life before Jesus that you’re tempted to return to?

* When has Jesus showed up in your life when you didn’t expect Him to? Our failures often distract us from Jesus, but He never gives up on us.

Read John 21:19b

The same words that start our relationship with Jesus are the words that continue our relationship with Jesus: “Follow Me.”

* When did Jesus first invite you to follow Him?

* When have you sensed God encouraging you to keep following Him?

Jesus isn’t mad at you or angry about your mistakes; He wants you to keep making progress.

Read Acts 2:14, 41

Peter spoke boldly because Jesus hadn’t given up on him. Like God used Peter to change thousands of lives, our mistakes don’t stop God from doing better things in our lives.

• What’s one thing you hope gets better in your life?

Next Steps

Help your Group identify and take their next steps with Jesus. Pray with them and for them, and ask about their next steps later in the week.

Possible Next Steps

* If you know someone who’s walked away from church or God, invite him or her to The Fountians this week.

* Tell your Group what’s keeping you from making progress in your relationship with Jesus and ask them to pray for you.

* Call or text two people in your Group this week to encourage them as they make progress in their relationship with Jesus.


Thank Jesus for always welcoming us back to Him and never giving up on us. Ask God to keep moving you forward and help others make progress, too.