Week of 8/28/2016

I love the 90’s Session 3

Oh the Places You Will Go Except When you Don’t

Get Started

* What is one opportunity you took that changed your life?

* What is one goal you want to accomplish during your life?


Read Revelation 3:7-8.

God’s given us all an open door to do something beyond our current situation.

* If God told us about an open door that no one can shut, what do you think He intends for us to do with it?

* Is it easy or difficult for you to believe that God opens doors for you?

Read Genesis 12:1-3.

To go through an open door means we have to leave our comfort zone and trust God—even when we don’t know the whole plan or know the destination.

* If you were in Abram’s position, how would you have responded to God? Why?

* What is one opportunity God has opened a door for you to step into?

Read Genesis 22:18. Genesis 26:4. Genesis 28:14.

An open door is never just about us; it’s about blessing others.

* What’s one way your life is better because you obeyed God?

* When was a time you took an opportunity that made life better for other people, too?

We are blessed to be a blessing to others, even more than we can imagine.

Read Genesis 1:21-22, 28.

Everything and everyone God created, He blesses and helps to make progress.

* What’s one way God has shown you what to do with your life?

God is more concerned with the people we become than the circumstances we inhabit.

God’s will for our lives is for us to learn to choose and grow.

Next Steps

Help your Group identify and take their next steps with Jesus. Pray with them and for them, and ask about their next steps later in the week.

Possible next steps:

* Find out more of what God wants for your life by reading the Bible.

* Tell your Group what open door God is leading you through and ask them to pray for you and that opportunity.

* Brainstorm with your Group a few ways you can be a blessing and make life better for someone else. Choose one to act on this month.


Thank Jesus for opening the door of a relationship with Him. Ask God to show you the next opportunity you have to bless other people and help you take that next step.