Week of 9/11/2016

I Love the 90’s Session 5: Formulas for Growth

Get Started 

  • What formulas do you remember from math, science, or other classes in school? 

  • How important were those formulas in finding solutions for math or science problems? 


If we want to grow in our relationship with God, it won’t happen if we remain passive. 

Formula: Passive ≠ Progress. 

It doesn’t matter how much we know about something or think about it. What matters is what we do about it.  

Formula: Proactive = Progress. 

  • What’s one area in which you want to make progress? 

  • How much progress do you think you’ll make by only thinking or praying about it?  

Read Acts 23:12-15

Paul was working to help the church make progress and reach more people with the message of Jesus. 

When we decide to make progress or move forward with God, we will face opposition. 

Opposition comes in two forms: deception and destruction. 

  • What’s one way you’ve experienced opposition when you’ve tried to make progress? 

  • Did you learn something about God or yourself because of that opposition you faced? 

Read Acts 23:16

  • What do you think would have happened if the boy heard the plot but didn’t tell Paul? 

Sometimes we know what to do, but we say we’ll think or pray about it as an excuse to avoid doing it. 

  • What excuse have you used not to invite someone to church or tell others about Jesus? 

Paul took action because he wanted to make progress and get past the opposition he faced. 

God has called us not to be passive, but proactive about sharing the good news of Jesus. 

Read Acts 23:17-24

The boy spoke boldly to defend Paul’s life. 

  • When was one time you spoke boldly to protect or help someone else? 

Because of one boy’s willingness to be proactive and not passive, Paul lived and continued to make progress by sharing the message of Jesus with more people. In the same way, our willingness to be proactive and invite someone to The Fountains can make a difference in his or her life. 

Next Steps 

Help your Group identify and take their next steps with Jesus. Pray with them and for them, and ask about their next steps later in the week. 

Possible next steps: 

  • Pick one of the many Next Steps you have heard about throughout this series.  

  • Serve: Saved People Serve People! Where are you currently serving in the body of Christ? Pick a place and jump in. 

  • Found People Find People. Invest and Invite  

  • Growing People Change: Sign up for the next Equip Class.  

  • You Can’t Outgive God! Take the 90 day giving challenge 

  • You Can’t do Life Alone! Lead or Host a Life Group  


Thank Jesus for helping you move past opposition and move forward in your relationship with Him. Ask God to help you become proactive about bringing others to Jesus.