Week of 9/18/2016

Pursuing the Vision

When it comes to vision, our passion must drive us to never give up pursuing that which God has called us to.

1. What are the three ways Pastor Don taught that God answers our request? (Yes, No Later)

Read Acts 16:6-8

2. Was Paul’s desire to go to Phygia and Galatia a good goal? Have you ever had a goal that was good but all the doors of opportunity closed? How can it be confusing to follow God’s vision?

Read Acts 16:9-10

3. When a door is closed how easy is it for us to give up? Do you ever think that the reason the door closed on a smaller door is that God was moving you to a larger door? Do closed doors mean that they are permanently closed? (We must keep our eyes open to see where God is working and leading us.)

4. What is the overall vision of the Fountains? Can you recite the Fountains vision statement? (To lead people, step by step into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ.) Why are we so passionate about reaching the lost and hurting?

5. What is invest and invite?

6. Where are lost people? Everywhere. How can we hear the lost all around us? Do you look and listen for opportunities to share your story?

7. How does the busyness of our own lives rob us of the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of others?

8. If you are a parent and there was a room full of children making noise could you pick your child’s voice out of the crowd? Why? How do we allow God to tune our ears and hearts to hear his voice?

  • It is only through a meaningful relationship can we discern God’s voice.
  • Having personal relationship and spending time with God by reading His Word and praying.
  • BY surrounding ourselves with other believers to help us.
Read Acts 16:11-15

9. What did Paul do with the open door God gave him and what was the result?

10. Seeing God’s vision and Hearing his voice is only 2/3s of the equation. What is the last part of equation to see God do great things? We must take the action to follow God’s heart.

11. Paul could have given up when he was stopped from going where he thought he needed to go. But instead he kept his eyes and ears open. Is it easy to let closed doors defeat us? When a door close how can we take courage and keep moving forward?

12. Pastor Don said “Missions is not what we do it is whop we are!” What does that mean? What part of the mission are you personally involved in?

Next Steps:

What is your Next Step? Are you actively looking for opportunities to serve others around you? Are you listening to those in your world to discover those who are hurting? Are you ready to take action walking through the door God is opening?