Week of 10/8/2017

What Keeps You Up at Night

Week 2 -  Fear of the Unknown

Talking through the message during the week helps you and your group turn what God is saying to you into action steps. Begin with the key questions, add any optional scriptures and questions if needed, and then wrap up by deciding on your next steps.

Main Idea

Fear erases God’s faithfulness from our memory.

Discussion Questions

  • Why did Jesus talk so much about fear?  
  • Does God erase our fears?  
  • Why is "fear of the unknown" our biggest fear?  

Exodus 16:2-3

  • Why do we sometimes give up freedom, and instead of journeying into the unknown, settle for the comfort of predictability? 
  • How does this unwillingness to step out lead us to be stuck in the past?
  • Sometimes, we get stuck in the past because we chose it. What choices keep people stuck in the past? How do you choose to move forward?
  • According to the message, how is fear like a fence? (Inside everything is known; outside the fence is the unknown.)
  • How does the fence become a prison of mediocrity? (Fear has established those limits in your life and mind.)
  • How can fear, when met with faith, increase our spiritual growth?   

Read Exodus 3:9-14

  • Was Moses's response to God allowing him to accomplish his deepest desire of seeing his people free?  
  • Pastor said “Fear imposes itself on us in the darkness, and spins off all the worse case scenarios.” How is that true?  

Read Exodus 4:1, 10-12

  • Why is it that anything God calls us to do initially will involve some level of fear?    
  • How does fear distract us and erase the memories of God’s love and faithfulness?   

Read Romans 8:38-39

Next Steps

Trusting God is the only option in fear. He is in control and made the heavens and the earth.

Stop focusing on fears, and focus on the God who is control of everything.

Revisit your dreams and goals, and evaluate if fear is what is keeping you inside the fence of mediocrity. Invite God to those areas of your life.