Week 12/17/2017

Awkward Family Christmas  

Week 3: Baby Daddy   

Talking through the message during the week helps you and your group turn what God is saying to you into action steps. Begin with the key questions, add any optional scriptures and questions if needed, and then wrap up by deciding on your next steps.  

Main Idea

In order to fulfill the purpose God has for our lives we must be receptive and content to with that purpose and walk faithfully in obedience to fulfill God’s purpose.  

Discussion Questions

  • Has there ever been a time at your family Christmas where someone dropped a sprang some surprising news that took everyone off guard?  

  • What was everyone’s reaction? What was your reaction? Did you calm the situation or feed into the frenzy of it?       

Read Matthew 1:18

  • What challenges do you think Mary faced in preparing to tell Joseph about the pregnancy? 

  • How do you think Mary broke the news to Joseph about her pregnancy?  

  • If you were Joseph what emotions do you think that you would have felt as Mary broke the news?  

  • When you look at the Christmas story do you every think about all the challenges that those who participated faced? 

Read Matthew 1:19

  • Knowing what Joseph could have done to Mary in this situation what did his actions tell us of his character?   

  • How does our response sometimes reveal our character?  

Read Matthew 1:20-23

  • What truths did the angels’ revelation provide for Joseph?  

Read Matthew 1:24-25

  • Did Josephs obedience take away all the difficulty of the situation?  

  • What did his continued obedience in his role say of his character? 

  • How difficult is it to embrace that God’s purpose is sometimes uncomfortable and not always easy?  

  • Joseph could have allowed his pride to distract him from this purpose. How do we allow our pride to distract us when we assume our purpose is more self-serving then others serving? (Freedom comes when we embrace the idea that “it is not about us but about God’s purpose and serving others)  

Next Steps

  • Are you receptive for the purpose God has for you even though it is difficult?   

  • Are you content with be a role player in God’s plan over being the star attraction? 

  • Are you obedient even though it will cost you comfort? 

  • Once you embrace the truth that you can be content in God’s purpose for you even though it will be uncomfortable and probably ask you to sacrifice can you find freedom and true joy in your personal relationship with God.