Week of 12/03/2017

Awkward Family Christmas  

Week 1: Crazy Cousin   

Talking through the message during the week helps you and your group turn what God is saying to you into action steps. Begin with the key questions, add any optional scriptures and questions if needed, and then wrap up by deciding on your next steps.  

Main Idea

Gods ability to use us is not based on our age or social background but on a humble, obedient heart.  

Discussion Questions

  • We all have that one person, or maybe there is more than one, in our family that is just a little different. Who is that person in your family? If you don’t know maybe you are that person.     

Read Matthew 3:1-6

  • John the Cousin of Jesus, also called a prophet by Jesus had a unique message, shouting repent, a unique presentation dressed just like Elijah.  

  • Do you ever think that there is something that is unique about you that God wants to use or do you tend to try to hide your uniqueness and just fit in?  

  • From what you gleamed from the message what does it mean to repent?  

  • Why is repenting so important to the message of love and hope that God offers?  

Read Matthew 3:7-9

  • Pastor said that the motto of the Pharisees was “it’s better to look good than be good”.  

  • How do we, sometimes, allow this to become our motto and let it chip away at our authenticity?  

  • Why is authenticity so valuable to our relationship with God and others? 

  • How is our actions proof of our true hearts condition?  

  • Why must we first be humble before we can be obedient?  

Next Steps

  • Repentance, turning from the bad things we do, is the first step in beginning a relationship with God. Have you repented and turned from your sin and embraced God forgiveness and better way for your life that can only come through Jesus?  

  • Our you a religious person and your putting on a show rather than living an authentic relationship with God? Your next Step is to turn form that realizing God knows your heart and embrace hos love and forgiveness for you.