Week of 6/25/2017

Prison Break

Week 1 - Break Free from Worry

Each of us have been prisoners at one time or anther. Perhaps it wasn’t in a small room with bars but, none the less we have been held imprisoned by something.

· The Prison of Worry

· The Prison of Damaged Emotions

· The Prison of Indecision

· The Prison of Dark Valleys

· The Prison of Hurt

· The Prison of Fear of the Future

Yes, this is a room full of Inmates-Prisoners-doing your time with only hope of parole. Some of you don’t ever think that you will be free again. But throughout this series we will be discussing how to find your very own PRISON BREAK! This is a Prison Break that God is going to orchestrate to free you from “YOURSELF” AND “THE EVIL ONE!”

Worry is kind of like a dense fog sometimes. Have you ever tried to drive in a fog? You can't see what's ahead. It's an illusion. Worry is like that. Worry and fog create an illusion. The National Bureau of Standards has discovered if you took a dense fog that would cover seven square blocks of a city, 100 feet deep, and condense the fog it would only equal enough moisture to fill less than one glass of water. That's what worry does -- It expands and exaggerates the problem.

· Has there ever been a time when you worried about something and it turned out to be something that you should have worried about?

· What are some things that cause you the biggest worry or stress in your life?

Read Psalms 23:1-6

· What is the primary role of the shepherd?

Read Philippians 4:18

· What need/s did God promise to provide for if indeed he is your shepherd?

Read John 10:14, 27

What are the 4 test to see if the Lord is your shepherd?

Jesus knows His Sheep…does he know you?

Jesus’ sheep know Him…do you know Him?

Jesus’ sheep hear His voice…do you hear His voice?

Jesus’ sheep follow Him…do you follow Him?

Read: Philippians 4:6 & 1 Peter 5:7

· How does prayer combat the fog of worry?

Read Mathew 6:31-34

· How are some ways we can remain remaining moment by moment in the shepherds care?


If you are not sure if you know Jesus today is the day to make that right by asking him to become your shepherd. Your first Step is to pray to receive Christ ask him to forgive your sins and become the Lord of your life so he can strengthen protect and provide for you freeing you from worry.

Is your God to small? Is there any worry that he is not capable of handling? Begin to pray about every situation. God Does Care and he wants to be there for you but he won’t unless you ask. He is a gentleman that way.