Week of 7/16/2017

Prison Break

Session 4 - Break Free from Dark Valleys

There is an old Arab parable that says: “All sunshine and no rain makes a desert." If you never have any down times, dark times, gloomy times in your life you'll be dried up. You'll have no depth to yourself, no maturity. It takes good times and bad times to make a mature person. Life is a mixture of pain and pleasure, of victory and defeat, of success and failure, of mountain tops and valleys. In this session we will discuss how to make it through the Dark Valleys.

Read John 16:33

· All of us have experienced Dark Valleys and trouble in our lives. What are truths that you have discovered about Dark Valleys? They Are Inevitable, Unpredictable, Impartial, Temporary and Purposeful.

Read Psalms 23:4

· Even though problems are temporary, how easy is it for them to consume our focus?

· When we focus on the problems what is the result? Do we tend to walk through them or wallow in them?

· What part does fear play in our discouragement? What are some fears we face in the dark valleys?

· Was does the passage you just read teach you about overcoming and moving through the valleys?

Read Psalms 23: 4, 34:18-19 & Isaiah 43:2

· It easy to feel isolated and alone when we are in a struggle. How do we know that we are never alone?

· How can we use the phrase “you are with me” to help us through the valley?


If you are not sure if you know Jesus today is the day to make that right by asking him to become your shepherd. Your first Step is to pray to receive Christ ask him to forgive your sins and become the Lord of your life so he can strengthen protect and provide for you freeing you from worry.

If you are in a dark valley know begin now repeating the phase “You are with me” to remind yourself God has not left you. If you are stuck in the valley reach out to others to help you through. You will be surprised how many have walked the same path you are on. They can help reassure you this is temporary and God is near.