Week of 7/23/2017

Prison Break Session 5

Break Free from Hurt

Because we live in an imperfect world, you're going to be hurt. You'll be hurt by accidents, by illnesses. But the deepest hurts you'll have in your life will come from people. Relationships are the greatest source of stress in our lives. They are also the greatest blessing and the greatest joy. But people do hurt us, sometimes intentionally, sometimes unintentionally, sometimes accidentally, sometimes on purpose.

Wouldn’t you agree that HURT IS A PRISON? The bars are thick and the bondage of Hurt prevents us from the FREEDOM IN CHRIST. When you think about it, whose fault is it that we can’t move on, we can’t move forward in life? It is OUR FAULT! The key to open the prison doors of Hurt are within. The keys are hanging just right above the door to freedom. The problem is our response to those hurts is usually the wrong thing. Before we can look at God's freedom to the hurts I need to tell SOME things to not do when people hurt you. These things mess you up.

· When you get hurt what is you your normal response? Do you run from it or hide it by shutting down? Do you hang on to it building resentment? Do you plot revenge?

Read Psalms 23:5

· If you were “surrounded by enemies what would be your normal course of action?

· Why does God say, “when your surrounded sit and enjoy what I have prepared for you”?

Read Romans 12:17,19-21

· Most of our ideas about revenge are shaped by Hollywood. What do these passages say is the right reaction to those that have hurt us?

· We have all held grudges and hopefully we have all given forgiveness. Which brought you the most peace?

· What part does our pride play in the difficulty of forgiving some one?

Read Psalms 23:5, Yes Again. & Psalms 147:3

· According to the message why was this “anointing my head with oil” a symbol of healing?

· How does and overflowing cup give us peace in the presence of our enemies?


If you are not sure if you know Jesus today is the day to make that right by asking him to become your shepherd. Your first Step is to pray to receive Christ ask him to forgive your sins and become the Lord of your life so he can strengthen protect and provide for you freeing you from worry.

Don’t allow pride keep you Imprisoned in your pain. If you are struggling with hurt and want to find peace your next step is to forgive the person that has wronged you and rest in the hope of Christ.