Week of 7/30/2017

Prison Break

Week 6 - Break Free from Fearing the Future

The future can be scary or exciting. What brings fear of the future is the unknown. Fear can be short term as in “what will happen next week” or long term as in the “rest of one’s life”. If we allow fear of the unknown consume us it will imprison us and not allow us to see the joy of today. The key to unlock the fear of the future is faith. Only when we believe that God truly cares for us and will provide for us as the Good Shepherd can we walk in freedom.

· How has this series brought you freedom?

Read Psalms 23:6, 145:20

· What makes a good parent?

· How is God our good parent?

· “We don’t know what the future holds, but we do know who holds the future”. We’ve heard this a million times but what makes it true as a follower of Christ?

Read Romans 8:28

· In this scripture what does “all things” mean? How can God bring good from bad situations? How does God use all things to help us fulfill His purpose?

Read Psalms 91:11

· According to the message how are what are Angels and how do they help us?

Read Psalms 23:6, Psalms 103:1-5 & Hebrews 4:16

· How is mercy different from grace?

· How does knowing God’s mercy is always surrounding us allow us freedom form the future?

Read Psalms 23:6b, 2 Corinthians 5:1, 6-8

· For followers of Christ, what does our future hold? How can this help us with fear of the future?

Read Revelations 21:4-5


If you are not sure if you know Jesus today is the day to make that right by asking him to become your shepherd. Your first Step is to pray to receive Christ ask him to forgive your sins and become the Lord of your life so he can strengthen protect and provide for you freeing you from worry.

If you are struggling with fear of the future, your next step is to know and embrace that God has it. There is no need to worry because God is fulfilling His purpose in all your circumstances and your ultimate good.