Week of 10.21.18

Ghost Town

Week 3: Money Hungry



When I was in Kindergarten, I had a friend… at least, I thought I had a friend. He always loved to take my toys. Well, he wouldn’t take them, exactly. He would just tell me he wanted it, and if I didn’t give it to him that I wasn’t really his friend. So, I went home one day without my awesome light-up, noise-making laser gun. Have you ever met a greedy person? I didn’t know it then, but I’m pretty sure my friend was just a little bit greedy!



1.      Let’s review: What are the 4 Core Needs every person has? (hint: Identity, Security, Community & Purpose) Which core need do you feel like “Greed” is trying to meet most often?

2.      The speaker said Sunday, “Greed is when money stops helping us and starts controlling us.” How do you know when money is controlling you? How do you know when you have control of your money?

3.      Most people think of a greedy person as someone who loves money. Sometimes, though, they are just afraid of not having enough of it to meet their needs. Read Matthew 6:24-27. What is Jesus saying about money, greed and our relationship with God?

4.      Read 1 Timothy 6:17. Who would you say is “rich in this present world?” Why do you think Paul commands the rich not to put their hope in wealth, rather than just telling everyone that?

5.      Do you feel like you would be more generous if you had more money? What would make it easier or harder for you?

6.      The speaker said Sunday that “Generosity begins with effort and intentionality.” The truth is that many of us see generosity as a favor rather than a lifestyle. If we see generosity as a favor, then it’s an inconvenience; but if we see it as a lifestyle, then it’s a value. So… would you consider yourself as someone who lives a life of generosity?

7.      The speaker said, “You were made in the image of a generous God.” How has God been generous to you? Feel free to say more than one thing. In fact, try to think of 5 things!



Greed is one of those idols that nobody thinks they have, but most of us struggle with at least some of the time. Living generously and gratefully removes greed from our heart. This week, make it a habit to write down all of the ways God has been generous to you. You can write a few things as you read your Bible daily or you can write them down throughout the day as you think of them. Spend time thanking Him for all He has given you, and ask for His help in living a generous life.


No one can serve two master… You cannot serve both God and money…  Matthew 6:24