Week of 7/15/2018

Session Three: Is Christianity Too Narrow?  

Social Time  

Take ten minutes for the group to catch up and reconnect over snacks and refreshments. Then, after gathering everyone into a comfortable circle, share something like the following Introduction.  


Christianity is seen by some as a narrow and mostly irrelevant belief system. Why? The Christian Church at one point in history was sought out for knowledge of reality. The Church was taken seriously by the wider culture. In many circles, that is no longer true. Let’s see how some people responded to today’s question: Is Christianity too narrow?  

Questions for Discussion  

  • What do you think about the statistic that “nearly half of all US adults believe it doesn’t matter what religious faith you follow because they all teach the same lessons”?  

Choose from this list of questions or ask some of your own to facilitate discussion. There’s no need to limit your discussion to these questions or to feel pressured to cover all of them in the time you have.  

  • Does the media represent Christianity accurately? Do Christians represent Christianity accurately?  

  • How have people used religion for good? For bad?  

  • What are some examples of situations in which most people believe that narrow ideas are good?  

  • Jeremiah 29:7In “Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the Lord for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper”  

  • In other words, the God of the Bible commands his people to be gracious and charitable toward all people—including those who do not share the same faith. Is it possible to have an honest yet graceful dialog about important matters like faith?  

  • Do you allow yourself to be vulnerable when discussing your views with others?  

  • According to the message, what exclusive claims does Christianity hold?  


Thoughts to Share with the Group  

To the best of your ability, summarize the main points of your group’s discussion. Or, if you are more comfortable, use the text below as a launching pad for concluding the session.  

Many people would insist that it’s intolerant or “ignorant to say that Christianity is the only right religion.” But, in the end, it might be best to admit that we’re all exclusivists. All of us make exclusive claims about most things— religion included. Yet the challenge seems to be finding a tone of gentleness in the midst of conversation and even disagreement.  

  • Thank people for joining the discussion and invite them to stick around if they want to continue the conversation.