Week of 9.9.18


Week 2: What Now? – Found People Find People


I found a penny once. That was cool, but another time I found a $20 bill. I was pumped! Still another time recently, I witnessed a 7 year old boy frantically look for his mother in Walmart with screams and tears. It was relieving to see the boy find his mother, and I was reminded of my own dreadful childhood experience of being lost in Walmart. When you consider the concept of being “found,” one thing becomes clear… that which is lost is not where it belongs. We belong with God and, until He found us, we were lost. Now that you have been “found in Christ,” consider our most pivotal core value: FOUND PEOPLE FIND PEOPLE.


1. Sunday’s message helped us to understand that FOUND PEOPLE FIND PEOPLE. Take a few moments to talk about some key takeaways from the message.

2. Read John 3:16. God lovingly and selflessly gave up His own Son Jesus to make sure you and I were found. God now finds us in His grace rather than His judgment. How does it make you feel to know that God’s own Son Jesus was not too much to give up to find you?

3. You probably have heard some good old-fashioned horror stories about Christians “beating someone over the head with a Bible” or “shoving Jesus down someone’s throat.” The fear of becoming that person petrifies many of us when it comes to the scary word “evangelism.” Do you feel comfortable sharing your faith? Why or why not?

4. When did Jesus find you? Share with the group how Jesus found you and how your life is different today. Also share what it is about your own story that makes sharing your faith with others easier.

5. Who do you know that needs to be found? Who will be your “lifesaver?” (If you need context for this, feel free to watch Sunday’s message online, especially the last 15 minutes)

6. How do you plan to show Jesus to your friends with greater excitement and clarity this week? For this question, “Just showing them through my actions” is a good answer, but try to be more specific.



As you think about your “next step” in sharing your faith, what do you know you need to do? Do you need to invest in someone’s life like Tony did with Alvin? Do you need to invite someone to church? Or do you need to share your own story of what Jesus has done for you? Tell the group which of these steps you plan to take this week and, if possible, with whom.


Philip said to him, “Come and see.” John 1:46