Week of 9.23.18


Week 4: This Big Amazing Beautiful Life – Saved People Serve People


Have you ever met someone who didn’t know how to treat others with dignity? That person didn’t get the value in serving others. Jesus didn’t come to earth with a clipboard, keeping tabs on everything we did right or wrong. No, he came with a towel, to wash His disciples’ feet. Then He said, “Hey guys, just like I washed your feet, you serve others in the same way.” This is why we put down our clipboards, and pick up a towel. Serving God and serving others is not a natural way to live, but it’s a beautiful way to live! Serving others is about honoring others. It shows that they matter to you and to God. Let’s open up the conversation to go deeper.


1. In the message, the pastor quoted Albert Schweitzer, who said, “The only really happy people are those who have learned how to serve.” Do you agree with this? Talk about why or why not.

2. Read 2 Timothy 1:9. Note the words (1) Saved, (2) Called, (3) Purpose and (4) grace. What does it mean to say that God has saved you? Called you? Purposed you? Graced you?

3. Ecclesiastes 3:11 says that God has placed eternity in our hearts, even though we cannot fully understand it. The pastor said that God has placed something spiritual in our hearts. What has God placed in your heart that most inspires you to live for Him and serve others? When do you feel most alive spiritually?

4. Sunday, we learned that part of fully realizing our purpose in life requires that we embrace Who We Are in Christ. What does this mean? Have you fully embraced who you are? Do you like yourself? Do you believe God likes you?

5. We also learned that to realize our purpose requires embracing the Church. A lot of people believe you can have a strong faith in God without being committed to the Church. How do you feel about this? How do you think God feels about this?

6. We learned that God did not just place something spiritual in our hearts, but something special in our hands. What has God given you that you consider special? What have you not considered special, but if you used it to serve others, it might just be a very special gift God has given you?


As a group, consider one Fall and one Spring opportunity to serve the Community together. Will it be House of Hope? Impact Kids? A soup kitchen? One of your kids’ Sports Teams? Be creative on how you can share the love of God in a practical way together as a group.


And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds… Hebrews 10:24