Week of 9.30.18


Week 5: That’ll Be the Day – Can’t Outgive God 


“For God so loved the world that He gave His only son….” God has already given us more than we could ever give back. Because of what Jesus has done, we have a new life, eternal life, the Spirit living inside of us, and “everything we need for a godly life” (2 Peter 1:3). When we live a life of generosity, we are loving people in a tangible way as an expression of our love for God and how much He loves us. At TFF, we like to say it this way, “Generosity is something God wants for you, not from you.” 


  1. Read Proverbs 22:9. What does it mean to have a “generous eye?” Is Proverbs 22:9 a promise from God or a principle to live by? 

  2. Read 2 Corinthians 8:1-2, 10-11. Paul gives the Macedonians as an example of generous living to the Corinthians. It was kind of like going into a wealthy HOA and saying, “Hey, you know those guys on the other side of the tracks… you should learn from the way they give.” Why would Paul encourage the rich to learn from the poor as an example of generosity? 

  3. Whatever your level of income or wealth, whether much or little, do you live generously? Would other people call you a generous person? When you do give, are there usually strings attached? 

  4. Read 1 Timothy 6:17. We learned from the message that all of us are rich as Paul would define rich (top 6% of the world!). How do you know if you are trusting God or trusting your bank account? 

  5. Sunday, the pastor said, “Generosity is not about the money as much as the motive.” As we check our hearts, do we give out of true or false motives? In other words, do we give cheerfully and freely because we are excited to do so, or do we give out of guilt, obligation, or even ambition or manipulation? 

  6. Sunday, the pastor also said, “A healthy church is a generous church.” What do you think is the role of each person at TFF when it comes to generosity? What should it look like to give through TFF (as an organization), and what does it look like to live generously in our daily lives? 



Consider as a group how you might live generously this week. Is it to be generous with your finances and pool together to help someone in need? Is it to be generous with your time and serve next to each other at our annual Trunk or Treat? Commit together to live generously, as a group and individually. 


The world of the generous gets larger and larger; the world of the stingy gets smaller and smaller…  Proverbs 11:24