Week of 03.10.2019

Breathing Room 

Week 3: Back in the Black 



When I think of finances, the word impulse comes to mind. Like, when I have the sudden urge to run to Braum’s and get a banana split to devour by myself only to regret it 30 minutes later. Or when I see a pair of shoes on sale that I have to have. No matter what your kryptonite is, we all have impulses, and sometimes we can find ourselves in serious financial trouble. This past Sunday we discussed debt and the idea that we drift into it, but we have to dig ourselves out. So, let’s dive a little deeper and figure out together what God can do even when we feel like there is no way out. 



  1. Ice Breaker: What is the most impulsive thing you have ever purchased?  

  2. Read Proverbs 22:7. One of the points in the message was that “Borrowing brings slavery, not freedom”. Is that statement true to you? When you borrow, do you feel like a slave?  

  3. The Law of Harness states: You either drive your money, or your money drives you. Which of these would you say you are right now? How would your life look differently if you were to be the driver of your money? 

  4. Where in your life can you specifically identify a time where you weren’t able to give to those in need because you owed on something you didn’t need? 

  5. The speaker said you need to have accountability of your finances and debt retirement plan at two levels. The first level is God and asking Him to help you through your lack of self-control, but the second level is to have someone that you can be open and honest about your finances with so they can keep you accountable. Who would that person be for you? Could that be someone in this room? 

  6. What is the first major act of generosity you plan on pursuing once you find freedom from debt? Make that a goal worth more than remaining in debt. 



This week, go home and list out every dollar of debt that you owe on a sheet of paper. Credit cards, student loans, car payments, mortgages, medical bills, etc. This will be stressful, but it’s necessary. Then, once you have listed it all out, start with the smallest amount of debt and create a plan on how you’re going to dig yourself out. Then, identify the person you wish to hold you accountable and share your plan. Then watch God lift you from debt and give you His peace as you follow through in faith. 



Then you will experience God’s peace, which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. Philippians 4:7