Week of 03.24.2019

Breathing Room 

Week 5: Developing A Plan 


Money is mentioned over 800 times in the Bible. Obviously, it’s an important topic to talk about! Nothing shows our priorities like our schedule and our pocket book. Where we spend our time and our money reveals the quality of our faith and the character of our heart. We hope these past 5 weeks have allowed you to recover some Breathing Room as you manage the money God has given you. 


  1. Honestly list your top 5 priorities in life (not just finances). 

  2. The 5 things we do with our money is Spend ItRepay DebtPay TaxesSave It, and Give It. Would you agree that is the natural order that we use our money? 

  3. On Sunday, it was said that “Priorities reflect the condition of our heart.” Is this a true statement? Explain. 

  4. The Law of Priority: Your Priorities will either keep God out or invite God in. Explain what this law means to you. 

  5. Read Mark 12:43-44. Why is this story so impactful? What does this reveal to us about the character of God? 

  6. Is the Give, Save, Live method a practical approach to managing your finances? If you don’t live this way, is it truly honoring to God? 


Change is difficult, especially when it comes to our finances. The challenge this week was to Do The Math! So, do the math and figure out what it would look like for you to give first, save second, and live off the rest. Do it for three months and see if your finances aren’t radically changed by the way you trust God with your money. Things will look different and you will have to cut out some expenses, but is keeping those items worth not honoring God? 


The average American household spends about $1500 a year in credit card interest. If both campuses got out of credit card debt, and we pooled our credit card debt interest, it would amount to over $1 million God could use to bring hope into people’s lives. 

· Campuses 
· Mission Trips 
· Acts of Kindness 
· Helping people in crisis 
· Adoptions 
· And so many other things 

Imagine the message we would have to our world.