Week of 04.14.2019

Invest & Invite 2019

“Make It Personal”


Guys, have you ever lost the TV Remote? Or ladies, have you ever lost your purse? Most of us have lost our phones somewhere, at least for a short period of time. It’s amazing how quickly everything in life comes to a halt, just so we can turn on the ESPN pre-game show, or apply that second coat of lipstick, or (heaven forbid) make sure people didn’t forget to double-tap our Instagram post. If we get that worked up about things that don’t really matter, can you imagine how urgently God wants every person in this world to be found? Jesus gave up His own life because it is that important to Him, and as followers of Jesus, He wants it to be important to us. Found people find people, and when it comes to helping people find God, God wants us to “make it personal.”



1.     ICEBREAKER: What’s the most important thing you have ever lost? (Wallet? Purse? Wedding Ring? Your kid at Walmart?)

2.     TFF has a vision statement that is central to everything we do… can anybody repeat that statement? (We exist to…)

3.     Read Matthew 28:18-20. This is called The Great Commission. It includes (1) a declaration, (2) a command, and (3) a promise. Can you spot each one? (1 - all authority given to Jesus; 2 – make disciples by baptizing and teaching; 3 – Jesus is with us always) What are the two elements Jesus gives in making disciples?

4.     The pastor said, “Our purpose is to find people like someone found us – Found People find people.” Do you feel equipped to “find people”, that is, “make disciples?” Why or why not?

5.     Read John 12:23-24. The pastor said, “Jesus found His glory in the seed of sacrifice, of living beyond Himself.” How was Jesus’ death on the cross a “seed?” What grew out of that sacrifice? (Answer: The Church, where anyone can come to God through trusting in Jesus’ sacrifice for them)

6.     Read Galatians 2:20. The pastor said, “The life you live now is a life of living beyond yourself.” What do you think this means? What does it mean for you?

7.     The pastor encouraged you to “Invest and Invite.” What does this phrase mean? How can you “Invest & Invite” this week?



Our purpose is to find people just like someone found us. Share with the group two-three names you plan to Invest & Invite this week. Will you look for an opportunity to share your story with them. Will you invite them to attend our Easter services with you?



Therefore, go and make disciples...  Matthew 28:18-20