At The Fountains Fellowship we believe in partnership. We work with local schools and other non-profit organizations to feed the hungry, empower children and families, and respond to the needs of people in crisis. Internationally, we partner with Manna World Wide to meet the needs of people in other countries.

When you give to The Fountains, 10% of every dollar goes directly to support these partnerships.

Upcoming Opportunities



In 2019, the Fountains Fellowship will be continuing their partnership with our foreign mission partners by taking a team to invest in the communities of Romania. If you are interested, feel free to email and when more details are ready they will be sent to you.



Impact Kidz provides food for school children from low income families with food to eat throughout the weekend, when the government funded free/reduced breakfast and lunch are not available to them. To learn more about Impact Kidz and how it impacts our community visit their website at