Ownership Class

If you love The Fountains, then it’s time to own it!

Ownership Class is where you'll learn the vision and values of The Fountains. We’ll explain the five core values our church lives by:

  • Found People Find People

  • Saved People Serve People

  • Growing People Change

  • You Can’t Do Life Alone

  • You Can’t Out-give God

The class is a requirement for Ownership and designed for 6th grade (12 years-old) and up.

Ownership vs. Membership

At TFF, we don’t have members, we have owners. It’s a different way of thinking. For example, if you’re a gym member and a machine breaks or something needs cleaned, you visit the front desk and let someone know. But if you’re an owner of that gym, you roll up your sleeves and take care of things.

Are you ready to be an owner? 

At The Fountains, we’re working to reach Crowley and across the state of Texas and even our world with the gospel of Jesus. We’d love for you to join us!